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Salmon of exceptional quality reared in the cold clear Atlantic waters off the north-west coast of Scotland, by producers who are committed to the health and welfare of the fish and to the long-term protection of the environment. Served to the Queen alongside our hot smoked salmon at Scone Palace. Five times Great Taste Gold Medal winners


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Our salmon is supplied by independent Scottish producers of exceptional salmon, who are committed to the health and welfare of the fish as well as the long term protection of the environment.

The salmon is hand-cured in fine salt for up to twenty hours before the smoking process. This removes moisture ( and weight!) from the salmon and intensifies the flavour. The cured fillets are then smoked for another twenty hours with a combination of fine oak dust and whisky barrel chippings.We add moisture to the smoking firebox to create the smoulding effect needed - the amout is determined by temperature and atmospheric conditions! After smoking the smoked salmon is packed and chilled for a minimum  of a day which allows the salmon, smoke and salt to properly blend into our unique Dunkeld flavour.

The result is a smoked salmon with a creamy flavour and silky texture.

We recommend it is eaten as simply as possible, with a salad garnish, some brown or soda bread, a hint of lemon juice and a crack of black pepper.

Multiple Gold medal winners at the Fine Food retailers Great Taste Awards including a 2012 2 Star Gold - judges said 'lovely smokey flavour, flavours keep coming, buttery creamy taste, very balanced flavours'.

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